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2010 Municipal Election Results

October 25, 2010 - Here are the unofficial results by municipality.

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Algonquin Highlands
Reeve: Carol Moffatt (acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 1: Gordon Henderson (acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 2: Gerald C. Bain, Lisa Barry, Elizabeth Danielsen (to be decided in a byelection)
Councillor Ward 3: Gary Schultz
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Dysart et al
Reeve: Murray Fearrey (acclaimed)
Deputy Reeve: Bill Davis
Councillor Ward 1: Andrea Roberts
Councillor Ward 2: Dennis Casey
Councillor Ward 3: Steve Pogue
Councillor Ward 4: Susan Norcross
Councillor Ward 5: Walt McKechnie
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Highlands East
Reeve: Dave Burton
Councillor Ward 1: Steven Kauffeldt
Councillor Ward 2: Suzanne Partridge
Councillor Ward 3: Cecil Ryall
Councillor Ward 4: Joan Barton
English Separate School Board Trustee: Brian Kerby (acclaimed)
French Separate School Board Trustee: Andre Ouellette (acclaimed)
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Minden Hills
Reeve: Barb Reid
Deputy Reeve: Cheryl L. Murdoch (acclaimed)
Councillor at Large: Larry Clarke
Councillor Ward 1: Lisa Schell, Brigitte Gall
Councillor Ward 2: Ken Redpath
Councillor Ward 3: Jean Neville
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English Public School Trustee:
Gary G. Brohman (6821), Valerie Smith (6305)

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This is a Lousy Topic ...

September, 2010 - It's back-to-school season and young children will soon be having their heads checked for lice. Anyone can get head lice ... if it happens to someone in your family, would you know what to do? The number one rule is, "Don't panic!" Head lice (plural of louse) is not a sign of uncleanliness or poor hygiene. To help prevent kids from getting lice, take the following precautions: avoid head-to-head contact with other children; tell kids not to share combs, brushes, hats, scarves, hair ties, towels or helmets; tell kids not to lie on bedding, pillows and carpets that have recently been used by someone with lice. If you do have to deal with head lice, don't panic. Visit for some great information and resources, including a free Head Lice Help Kit. Lice Squad has some great pesticide-free products, a brand new LouseBuster medical device, and they even have "professional nitpickers" ready to help you become free of lice and their eggs (nits).

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Remember the Three Legged Deer?

Recently, FYI Haliburton featured a story submitted by Margaret Tilling of Aurora, ON, about a three legged deer that passed in front of her cottage on Sir Sam's Road on Easter weekend, along with a few of its friends. We asked if anyone had any information about this deer. This week, Julie Barban responded with her story:

About three years ago, Julie and her family were driving home from Long Lake to Haliburton. Somewhere around Parish Line they saw a fawn on the side of the road. They stopped and discovered that the animal had a broken front hock and was just lying there. But it was alive. Julie remembered hearing about a sanctuary for injured animals, so they picked up the fawn, put it in the back of their van and brought it home. In doing so they noticed blood coming out of its ear, which concerned them. When they got home, Julie made some phone calls. When she called the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary at 1 am, someone answered. Julie explained the fawn's condition and was told to cover it with a blanket and call back first thing in the morning. They didn't hold out much hope due to its bleeding ear; however, the young deer survived the night and was brought to the sanctuary in the morning. They discovered it was a female and named her Zoe. Zoe had her leg amputated and several months later was released back into the area. Julie believes the deer that Margaret saw is probably Zoe, and is thrilled to know she is still alive.

The Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Rosseau, Ontario. They provide rehabilitation to hundreds of wild animals annually. They believe that every creature has a right to life and that we must do everything we can to ensure quality of life. For more information, please visit You may want to keep their phone number handy, just in case: 705-732-6368. Between 6pm and 8am, call their emergency number at 705-644-4122.

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Tourism Statistics for Haliburton Highlands

The Ministry of Tourism has released the Regional Tourism Profiles which now include data on Haliburton County. The tool on the Ministry's website allows you to quickly and easily look up Tourism Statistics such as: Person Visits, Visitor Spending, Hotel Occupancy and Number of Establishments. The data is available by Province, Census Division, or Region. So far, Haliburton County data is available for 2008 only. The County will now be able to track this information and look for tourism trends specific to our region. Note that Economic Impact Data will be updated in May. Click here to go to the Regional Tourism Profiles page for Haliburton County.

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Little Bear?

April 18, 2010 Carnarvon, ON - Beautiful day for spring cleaning of the backyard. We spent most of the day outside. Kids enjoyed time playing with chipmunks, feeding birds, and watching groundhog. Dinner time. We had BBQ. We decided to eat in the house. Kids were telling stories about animals, and groundhogs that they saw for the first time on our property. Guess what? It was not the end of the wildlife story for that night. "King of the woods" came to visit us ... Black bear and I were watching each other through the kitchen window. I was thinking that I must be dreaming. Kids...could not believe it. Everyone was happy, confused, scared. WOW ... Black Bear ... Kids asking if they can play with a "little bear". Little Bear ... I would not call it little...what do you think?
Tanja Ninkovic

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Haliburton County Reunited for Tourism

April, 2010 - Recently the Ontario government divided the province into 13 new tourism regions. Haliburton County was originally split across two sections with Algonquin Highlands placed in Region 12 with Muskoka, and the rest of the county in Region 11 with Hastings, Frontenac, Lanark and Renfrew Counties. After the announcement in December 2009, county officials and many individuals sent letters expressing their concerns. On March 31, County Warden Dave Burton received a letter from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture informing him that Algonquin Highlands would be reunited with the rest of the county in Region 11. For more info, read the article in the Haliburton Echo. For more about the new regions, please visit (note that the map may not yet reflect the most recent decision regarding Algonquin Highlands).

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Help Keep Haliburton County Together!

February, 2010 - The County of Haliburton is asking for your assistance with an urgent matter regarding tourism in the Province of Ontario. Please take a moment to address a letter to Michael Chan, Minister of Tourism, regarding the new tourism regions of Ontario. The Ontario Ministry of Tourism has recently created 13 different regions across Ontario. Each region will have its own Regional Tourism Organization (RTO) to market the region and develop tourism products and investment. Funding for the RTO will come from the new HST revenue and the changes take effect on July 1, 2010.
   The County of Haliburton has been divided into two regions. The Township of Algonquin Highlands is in Region 12 with Muskoka and Parry Sound while the rest of Haliburton County is in Region 11 with Bancroft and Refrew County. For more information, including a map showing the new tourism regions, please click here. After discussion with the Haliburton County Tourism Board, the County is urging local businesses, organizations and individuals to voice their concern over this split. The County has written a letter to the Minister of Tourism, asking him to reunite the County and to reallocate us to Region 8 which includes Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough and Northumberland.
   For maximum impact, letters should be sent prior to March 1, 2010. With your help, we can affect change. Please write a letter today! Please click here for addresses and points to include in your letter.

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