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Snowmobile Goes Through Ice on Drag Lake

December 31, 2009 - A 20-year-old male on a snowmobile broke through thin ice on Drag Lake in the Township of Dysart et al shortly before noon today. The driver managed to get up onto the ice and call for assistance using a whistle. Officers from the Haliburton Highlands OPP Detachment, along with members of the Dysart Fire Department and EMS personnel, attended the scene. Firefighters and members of the public were able to use a small boat to rescue the driver who was then taken to the Haliburton Hospital suffering from hypothermia.
   The OPP is recommending that the public stay off area lakes as ice conditions are unpredictable. Venturing out onto area lakes at the present time could have tragic consequences.
   The Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) opened trails ahead of schedule this season; however, lakes are not yet staked. Please check for up-to-date trail conditions on their website at

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After the Storm...

December 12, 2009 - Kudos to our road crews and emergency personnel for getting us through a three-day winter storm. Winter driving conditions are here to stay, so before you head out, please check the interactive map of Ontario road conditions on the MTO website (click the Road Conditions radio button on the left).

Below: Minden OPP officer digging out of the snow
Dec. 10, 2009
Photos courtesy of Haliburton Highlands OPP


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OPP Reports Hazardous Driving Conditions

Dec. 11, 2009 - Haliburton, ON - Officers from the Haliburton Highlands OPP Detachment are asking drivers to stay off roadways within the County of Haliburton unless absolutely necessary. Recent snowfalls caused numerous drivers to abandon their vehicles on area roadways during the night. Abandoned vehicles can hamper efforts in regards to snow removal and the ability of emergency vehicles to respond to calls for service. Vehicles hampering snow removal can also be towed. Motorists are also reminded of the importance of being prepared should you become stranded in your vehicle on the highway. An emergency kit containing items such as a shovel, ice scraper/snowbrush, tow rope or chain, booster cables, flashlight, first aid kit, extra clothing and footwear, blanket, non-perishable energy foods, candle and matches are recommended items.

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Snow Day #3!

Dec. 11, 2009 (6:30am) - Today marks the third "snow day" in a row for Haliburton County kids. Trillium Lakelands District School Board has cancelled all buses to schools in Haliburton County. Minden Hills has declared an emergency, asking people to stay off the roads so they can be cleared.
   Today is a good day to stay off the roads if at all possible. Provincial highways in the area are reported as snow covered with reduced visibility. For an interactive map of Ontario road conditions, visit the MTO website and click the Road Conditions radio button on the left.
   Winter has finally arrived, seemingly overnight. Sir Sam's Ski and Snowboard Area opens on Sat. Dec. 12, with at least two lifts and three runs open.

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G20 Summit may move south, G8 to stay in Huntsville

November 18, 2009 - According to a CTV report, the Group of 20 Economic Summit, set for June 2010 in Huntsville, may move south to the Toronto area. The Globe & Mail is reporting that the demands for accommodation, security and logistics for the G20 conference have threatened to overwhelm the small town of 18,000. The smaller and more manageable G8 conference will still take place in the community of Huntsville, as the country had originally planned. In late September, world leaders decided the G20—which includes bigger developing countries such as China and India in addition to the eight wealthiest industrialized nations—would replace the G8 as the key international economic council, while the G8 would focus mostly on international security and non-economic issues. The G8 meeting alone is expected to draw tens of thousands of political and security aides, several thousand protesters and 5,000 journalists.

CTV report ... Globe and Mail report

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Watch for Moose and Deer This Fall

In September, 2009, a motorist was travelling eastbound on Highway #118 west of Carnarvon when his BMW station wagon struck a moose that was on the roadway. Fortunately the driver was uninjured in the collision, but the vehicle was severely damaged. The fall season in Haliburton County traditionally sees an increase in motor vehicle collisions involving wildlife. Officers from the Haliburton Highlands OPP Detachment would like to remind drivers to scan the roadway and use your high beams whenever possible while travelling at night.

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Be Proud, Haliburton!

October, 2009 - Dick and Marion Ellis had this to say after visiting Haliburton in early October:

"My wife and I visited the little village of Haliburton last week-end to see the fall colors. We were up to the lookout, walked the main street, visited some of the shops, made a few purchases and had a lite lunch while in town. We were really impressed with the way your village was all decorated up with the fall colors. We would like to congratulate all the businesses who participated. It was very impressive. Thanks, we will be back for another visit. Keep up the good work."

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LHIN Acknowledges Negative Feedback
Regarding Obstetrical Bed Closure

Haliburton HospitalRebecca Weeks, Registered MidwifeSeptember, 2009 - The Local Health Integration Network (LHIN)'s recommendation to close the obstetrical bed at the Haliburton Hospital generated a lot of feedback from the Haliburton Community. The LHIN has released a summary of the feedback received regarding its Clinical Services Plan. The report states, "The community of Haliburton rallied strongly in response to the closure of the obstetrical bed in HHHS. To that end, 65 form letters with over 130 signatures and 12 individual letters responded negatively to the recommendation" and "Vigorous negative community feedback was experienced over the recommendation to close the obstetrical bed. Reasons included concerns over: Patient and family access; reduction of patient choice; Poor socioeconomic status in the area makes travel and hotel arrangements for families difficult if not impossible; Travel challenges due to distance and inclement weather; Patient safety; Increase in inductions to enable "scheduling" of births at other hospitals; Exodus of physician and midwife from community; Reduced competency of ER staff to handle emergency deliveries; Past community fundraising for the OBS bed and equipment." Click here for the full report (scroll down to page 8, Maternal Child Youth (MCY) Services).

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Haliburton County to Host
2011 Ontario Senior Games - Winterfest

May 25, 2009 - The County of Haliburton has been named the host of the 2011 Ontario Senior Games - Winterfest. Haliburton County will be host to more than 800 senior participants, coaches and officials who will compete in ten events from February 15 to 17, 2011. All competitors are 55 years of age or over and are examples of how a healthy active lifestyle improves health and increases longevity. It is anticipated the direct economic benefit of hosting the 2011 Ontario Senior Games - Winterfest will exceed $700,000 and re-enforces Haliburton County's position as Central Ontario's Playground. For more information about the the Ontario Senior Games, please visit

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Summer Just Got Longer...

April 30, 2009 - The 2009-2010 school year will start Tuesday, September 8, 2009, and not on September 1 as originally announced. The Board of Trustees had decided to bring students back to school before Labour Day, on September 1, because Labour Day falls late this year and it was a challenge to fit in the mandatory 194 school days. Concerns were expressed, particularly from the business community, about shortening the summer season in Haliburton County—the season many businesses rely on to get them through the entire year. The Board of Trustees reversed their decision at their meeting on April 28. Every year there is a committee that sets the school year calendar. It is their job now to consider statutory holidays, professional development days, Christmas Break and March Break in order to come up with the required number of curriculum days.

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Meet Lucy!

April, 2009 - The following story was submitted by Kennisis Lake cottager Kim Auddino:

On New Years Eve this past year we had the pleasure of seeing up close and personal a very young moose right outside our bedroom window! "She" was looking at our cat who was looking at her, both wondering what the heck they were looking at. The moose (affectionately called Lucy) ran around to the other side of the cottage when she saw me and fell on some ice. I could hear her cry through the windows. She then got up and came over to the window and stood about three feet outside the window eating the tree leaves. I could practically touch her! I took pics of her as she was looking in the window ... I came eye to eye with my very first moose! She stayed there for about 30 minutes and then magically disappeared. On the way back from dinner that night we saw Lucy again on the road. We shut our lights off so as not to scare her as the road was slippery so we didn't want her to fall. She trotted along to our property and veered off into the woods on the opposite side of the road. She was just making sure we got home! That was the first sight of her and the last so was amazing!

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Local Food Fair Coming This Summer

March, 2009 - A Local Food Fair is being planned for Saturday August 15. Local food producers interested in taking part in this event should contact Bob Smith (286-1940 or by email) by April 15. A commitment is not required; organizers just need to know that enough people are interested before plans for the Fair can proceed. Plans are also underway to have an ongoing county market for local food later this summer. There is a demand for local food. If you grow food ? even if you think of it as only a backyard garden for personal use ? consider planting some extra (maybe lots extra), knowing there will be opportunities for selling the results of your work. For more information, please contact Bob Smith at 286-1940 or by email. For an online directory of local food producers, visit

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Snowmobile Fatalities on the Rise in Ontario

March 2, 2009 - The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are concerned with the number of fatal snowmobile incidents this season—17 so far compared to a high of 13 last year. In nearly every fatal crash investigated by police, either alcohol or excessive speed have played a direct role. According to the OPP Highway Safety Division (HSD), the vast majority of recreational snowmobilers are law abiding people. They encourage these riders to do their part to keep everyone safe on the trails. Don't condone risky behaviour or the use of alcohol while on the trails. Call your local police and report those operators who continue to make poor decisions while riding.

Snowmobilers are also asked to stay away from lakes and rivers. Mild temperatures and occasional heavy snowfalls have left many bodies of water snow covered but still unsafe for snowmobile travel. OPP SAVE Teams (Snowmobile, All terrain and Vessel Enforcement) and detachment snowmobile patrol officers strongly urge snowmobilers to enjoy their sport by sticking to maintained trails and riding responsibly. Drinking and riding is a criminal offence. Being convicted will result in the suspension of your driver?s licence and worse, can potentially lead to serious injury or death. Recent snowmobile deaths are a tragic reminder of that.

For up-to-date local trail conditions and other great information, visit the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association (HCSA) website.

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Provincial By-Election Results

March 5, 2009 - Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock
The following are unconfirmed results of the March 5 election from Elections Ontario.

Rick Johnson Ontario Liberal Party
John Tory Progressive Conservative
Party of Ontario
Mike Schreiner Green Party of Ontario
Lyn Edwards NDP Party of Ontario
Jason Taylor Independent
Jake Pothaar Family Coalition Party of Ontario
Bill Denby Freedom Party of Ontario
John Turmel Independent
Paolo Fabrizio Ontario Libertarian Party
258 of 258 polls reporting

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Some Cold Hard Facts About Winter

February, 2009
Most snowfall in one day In Ontario: 101.6 cm in Nolalu (near Thunder Bay), March 24, 1975
In Canada: 145 cm, Tahtsa Lake West, B.C., February 11, 1999
In the world: 193 cm, Silver Lake, Colo., April 14, 1921
In Toronto in 2000 (which prompted Mayor Mel of Toronto to call in the army): 39 cm

For the 1,200th time, they don?t know!!!
Even though the OPP?s Call Centre in Orillia doesn?t provide road conditions, it still receives more than 1,200 calls per hour during a snowstorm—six times the usual number.
(Courtesy of

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Orphan Found!

January, 2009 - Highlands Summer Festival has chosen a young actress to fill the lead role in its musical production of Annie. After lengthy consideration, the directors chose 12-year-old Michelle Bailey for the part. Her strong stage presence, acting, singing and dancing skills all contributed to the decision. Michelle is the daughter of Nancy and Ken Bailey of Midhurst. The family has cottaged for generations on Little Boshkung Lake near Carnarvon. Some of the other orphan roles will be played by Hannah Klose, 10; Annie McBrien, 9; sisters Betty Paton, 9, and Charlotte Paton, 6; Emma Paul, 13; and Kathleen Tedford, 13. All are from the Haliburton area except for Annie McBrien, a Toronto area resident. Annie opens the Highlands Summer Festival 2009 season on June 29 for ten performances. For more information about the season, visit

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