Loop Troupe Little Theatre - Wilberforce, Ontario

The Loop Troupe started in 1993 with a skit-night fundraiser. A small handful of individuals interested in community theatre got together and founded the Loop Troupe. The group has been performing since 1993 averaging two productions a year, with tremendous support from the community. The troupe has entered into the Eastern Ontario Drama League (EODL) one act festival three times. This is held in the fall every year.

Some of the plays we have performed are:

  • Our Gal Sal, 1993
  • Pioneer Spirit, 1996
  • Gone To Glory, 1998
  • Laffing Room Only, 1999
  • Alice in Wonderland, 2000
  • Wizard of Oz, 2004

We have also presented a small handful of skits and one-acts, contributing to community events such as "Home to the Highlands," presented by Edgar Thatcher (Dec. 2005).

Our membership is open to all interested persons of all ages. We can use talent in set design, carpentry, painting, makeup, lighting and sound. Current membership fee is $5 per year.

We meet every Wednesday night at the Lloyd Watson Centre in Wilberforce at 7pm. Everyone Welcome. For more info, contact Dan at airbrushpets@sympatico.ca.

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