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Municipal Election - October 27, 2014

Township of Algonquin Highlands
Reeve: Carol Moffatt (acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 1: Brian Lynch (262), Sarah Coombs (222)
Councillor Ward 2: Lisa Barry, Elizabeth Danielson (both acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 3: Bob Buckingham (344), Marlene Kyle (375)

Municipality of Dysart et al
Reeve: Murray Fearrey (3075), Janis Parker (2639)
Deputy-Reeve: Dennis Casey (2428), Andrea Roberts (3048)
Councillor Ward 1: Bill Davis (326), Bob Nichol (110), Nancy Wood-Roberts (580)
Councillor Ward 2: Steve Dunec (291), Derek Knowles (777), David McKay (519)
Councillor Ward 3: Bill Sinclair (415), Tammy Donaldson (438)
Councillor Ward 4: Susan Norcross (701), Aaron Walker (590)
Councillor Ward 5: Walt McKechnie (acclaimed)

Municipality of Highlands East
Reeve: Dave Burton (1959), Steve Cosentino (1350)
Councillor Ward 1: Steve Kauffeldt (160), Cam McKenzie (182)
Councillor Ward 2: Suzanne Partridge (644), Adam Szelei (432)
Councillor Ward 3: Cecil Ryall (627), Donna Graham (433)
Councillor Ward 4: Joan Barton (654), Todd Bertram (278)

Township of Minden Hills
Reeve: Brent Devolin (2159), Brigitte Gall (1596), Barb Reid (937)
Deputy-Reeve: Rick Ashall (1529), John Beattie (217), Cheryl Murdoch (2821)
Councillor at Large: Daryl Moore (1983), Ron Nesbitt (2402)
Councillor Ward 1: Jeanne Anthon, Lisa Schell (both acclaimed)
Councillor Ward 2: Ken Redpath (560), Pam Sayne (754)
Councillor Ward 3: Richard Bradley (165), Jean Neville (496)

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Closing Up the Cottage for the Winter?
Lock it or Lose it!

October, 2014 – Cottages and seasonal homes are most vulnerable to thieves between Thanksgiving and Victoria Day. The Haliburton Highlands Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are providing these crime prevention tips:
•Pack up and remove all food and alcohol
•Do not leave firearms or weapons at the cottage
•Trim trees and shrubs so that doors and windows are visible from the roadway
•Secure windows and doors – close curtains, blinds and shutters
•Take your valuables with you – electronics, personal items, tools, etc.
•Make sure there's nothing around your property that could be used to break in to your building
•Ensure that contact (key holder) information is made known for alarms, thefts, weather damage. Ask a permanent resident to check in on your property and provide them with your contact information
•Winterize any vehicles such as boats and ATV's. Ensure they are covered and locked, and the keys are hidden. For snowmobiles, you can remove the track and hide the keys
•Consider using motion sensors to light up the exterior of the cottage
•Get to know your neighbours; know who is a stranger and who belongs there and contact the police if you see someone who appears suspicious.
•Consider an alarm system and leave your contact information with your alarm company

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Were You a Victim of Car Theft?

January 9, 2014 – OPP ARREST UPDATE (Haliburton, ON) – More charges have been added in the investigation of thefts from vehicles. The OPP is asking the public's assistance in identifying a large quantity of recovered property. A 26-yr-old man from Haliburton has been charged with 18 criminal offences including: • Theft Under $5000 – 5 counts • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime Under $5000 – 9 counts • Fail to Comply with Probation Order – 2 counts • Possession of a Controlled Substance – cocaine • Possession of a Controlled Substance – marijuana.
If you have had items stolen from your vehicle and have not yet reported this to the police, please advise OPP Detective Constable BACKUS at 705-286-1431.

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